Paradise Haze

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Paradise Haze by Todd McPhetridge

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Reflecting the foggy past of nostalgia, Todd McPhetridge's haunting photograph "Paradise Haze" captures a lone tree in a peaceful meadow. The piece captures a moment of serenity, blending detail and obscurity into a thought-provoking and almost spiritual image.

"Paradise Haze" is a wonderful example of Country Wall Art. This photo seems to say that paradise is all around us, we just need to clear the haze that blinds us all and keeps us from seeing. The slightly reddish glow shows just a hint of the beauty that can be revealed if we just take the time to look. In this picture it appears that the haze is beginning to lift and soon the beauty that is nature, that surrounds us all will be revealed in all of its glory. It reminds us that all we really need to do is stand in one spot for a while and wait. Then we will be able to see.

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