Mystical Forest

$ 275.00

Mystical Forest by Todd McPhetridge

Let us take a walk down the lane in "Mystical Forest"! It is such a nice winter's day for a walk. Just a slight dusting of snow on the ground, and a little ice hanging on the leaves of the fir trees. They provide just enough green to let us know life continues although around us all seems dead. We can follow the lane and, if we walk quietly, we might even see a family of deer out for their daily walk. Man came into the wilderness and cut a road. Thankfully, the beauty of the surrounding trees was left untouched. We can slowly walk toward the end of the lane and enjoy all the beauty that surrounds us. And what wonders will we find at the end of the lane? Just as in life, that is the unknown. The unknown is the thing that challenges us to keep going because we have to see what is at the end of the lane. But we do not want to forget the wonders of what is right here in front of us as we take the walk.

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