Harvest Framed Poster

$ 60.00

Harvest Framed Poster by Todd McPhetridge

Heirloom quality poster printed on thick, durable matte paper and mounted in a black frame. • Printed in the U.S.A.
• Archival, Acid-free Paper
• Matte Black Frame
Farming was the staple of lands for hundreds of years. Farms were made of hardworking people that spent day in and out on their lands connecting with nature and turning out the best crop they could. You can pay homage to this hardworking farm culture with a "Harvest Framed Poster." It acts as a rustic art inspiration on your wall when your goal is to work harder and aim higher, just like the work that was valued in decades past. Not only will this print inspire you, but it adds a great pop of color to any room with the bright red tractor up front and center in a gorgeous farm landscape.

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