$ 275.00

Harvest by Todd McPhetridge

Skies. Clouds. Fields. And a way of life that is becoming all too scarce in these technology-filled days. For those who love Country Art or Rustic Art, there is exhibited here an aura of a way of life that is no longer enjoyed by many, but can be felt. There's still mud on the tires from having to cross a field to get in from the storm; the seat and ground are still wet from the rain. Smell the earth after the downpour; there is nothing to compare with it. All these details make you wonder what it would be like to go out with your dad or grandpa into the fields; you can picture yourself looking across the fields to the woods beyond. Maybe you've seen deer come out at sunset to find some dinner, or in the spring with a fawn or two. Maybe there've been coyotes as well, and you make sure that you're cautious when you're out doing your fieldwork. At any rate, this is Country Art that allows you to sit, gaze at it and lose yourself in it.

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