Frozen Framed Poster

$ 66.00

Frozen Framed Poster by Todd McPhetridge

Heirloom quality poster printed on thick, durable matte paper and mounted in a black frame. • Printed in the U.S.A.
• Archival, Acid-free Paper
• Matte Black Frame
A good method to enliven your living space is to decorate with country artwork. This artwork depicting an overcast winter day with a leafless, hibernating tree reminds us to endure the seasons of our lives with grace and patience as we will surely be arriving at springtime again soon. The tree does not complain or lose hope that it will once again bloom under the loving comfort of the warm sun, it simply shifts its state to one of resting and enduring. Every cycle is a new beginning and a new beginning is hope for the future. One may first look upon this picture and see a dreary overcast day, but a lover of country art sees more than this. It is a reminder to have faith in good things to come.

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