$ 275.00

Exposed by Todd McPhetridge

Modern Landscape Artwork for Sale

Todd's enchanting landscape pictures of rustic countryside vistas invoke a desire to slip on your shoes and take a stroll outside, smelling the fresh air and hearing the lovely birds.  If it’s raining out, gaze into a print of Todd’s landscape artwork and let that wistful smile creep across your face.

Daydreaming is magical and calming part of everyone's day; "Exposed" by Todd McPhetridge is a way for us to all daydream together and feel a sense of closeness. This piece replicates the feeling of the first snowfall of the year well in a whimsy yet solemn way. Gaze into the vast and puffy, snow filled sky and be brought back on your toes by the crisp silhouette of this beautiful tree dusted with icy crystals. This beautiful landscape art is sure to become the talk of whatever room it is featured in, where guests will be able to revel in reflection together.

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