Tough as Nails Framed Black and White Poster

$ 60.00

Tough as Nails Framed Black and White Poster by Todd McPhetridge

Heirloom quality poster printed on thick, durable matte paper and mounted in a black frame. • Printed in the U.S.A.
• Archival, Acid-free Paper
• Matte Black Frame
Looking at "Tough as Nails Black and White Framed Poster" you can almost feel the frustration go the farmer as he has had to leave the field before finishing his work as a storm is coming in. You can feel the heartache and the worry that the farmer had to have felt as he walked away from his tracker. You have to wonder why he left it in the field. Did he run out of gas? Did the tractor break down? Or did he leave to go to the house for lunch and the storm approached while he was eating? You can also see hope in this rustic artwork. The much needed rain gives moisture to the land so the seeds can grow and produce a crop so the farmer can feed his family. Maybe have enough extra fro his crop to sale for enough cash money to buy the things his family needs that he cannot grow. And just maybe this rain storm will let him find a few moments of very needed rest during this very busy time on the farm.

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