Old Steady

$ 375.00

Old Steady by Todd McPhetridge

A contrast of ominous gray and bright red is the focus of "Old Stead" by Todd McPhetridge. The tractor wall artwork captures an essence of the rural land by contrasting an aging machine against an equally mature, but fertile land. New life is growing from the puddles and patches of new grass that makes you feel like you are standing directly in front of the machine. It seems like the final days of the machine is near because of the heavy clouds that is covering the sky.

As far as rustic wall art is concerned, this big mighty red tractor is a paragon of virtue and country ethics. It can evoke thoughts of hard work and an honest day spent providing food for the masses. It is appealing as it prominently displays its proud country heritage and the workhorse known to us all as, the tractor. It is poised for its viewer to ingest and contemplate the food that we eat and the origins of its bounty. The mighty red tractor is a lasting iconic symbol of dedicated hard worker who labored for the love of the harvest. The big majestic red tractor shines as an example of rustic country art prints!

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