Coming In Low

$ 90.00

Coming in Low by Todd McPhetridge

Canadian Geese Flying Artwork

Peaceful, relaxing, a quick trip to a quiet place. Are these things that you would like to envision? Todd captures the essence of these things in his nature photos and they can hang on your wall creating a serene get-a-way when you walk into a room. Imagine where this water ends, can it lead to a waterfall? Could it possibly take you to a secluded cabin where you can steal a romantic night with a loved one? These Canadian geese can lead you there.

What about a place where there is no care in the world? A bright sky with a few clouds is a great reminder of a lazy summer day, a memory of when you were a child with Grandmas fried chicken and the sounds of children playing tag near a stream. Let Todd create the ambiance of  life from another time or memories of days gone by.

Most of us feel like we are on a mission or want to feel the purpose of a mission, with focus, clarity and positive intent. The feel of movement and focus in this Country Art print can give us a sense of calm while inspiring us to movement, to act, to have a laser vision to the path we are called to. And what better way to spend out time in this focused, peaceful state than with a mate that perfectly balances our gifts and unique personalities.

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