Three Of A Kind

$ 275.00

Three Of A Kind by Todd McPhetridge

Rustic Tractor Artwork for Sale

If you are someone that loves beautiful rustic country art, Todd offers an amazing selection of contemporary rustic photographs that look great in any home, office or cabin. These black and white images capture the true feel of rural America. They are the perfect addition to any den or living room, even if you are someone that lives miles away from the nearest farm. Todd's rustic country art photos will add a special touch of country to your home, and these photographs also make a wonderful gift for that friend or family member that has everything. They are original, artistic, and definitely one of a kind.

Poppa revved up the motor while Little Man watched from the window. He told his Nana, "I want to be like Poppa." Little Man was only two year old. His uncles went to join Poppa on their own tractors. Little Man smiled as they went out to the field. Nana spoke to him softly, "That there's three of a kind, but don't worry - in 10 years, it will be four." Little Man smiled. Nana called her friend Todd, who was staying with them from out-of-state, to take a picture. Years later, Little Man became big. Poppa and uncles were not around anymore. Little Man showed his wife and children the family photo album. There was one labeled, "Three of the Kind." He remembered that before they passed, he had gotten his own tractor. Nana was right, they were four of a kind. Little Man went out back to the field to rev up his tractor. Mama said to the children as they watched, "Soon you'll join him, too."

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