Solitude Framed Black and White Poster

$ 60.00

Solitude Framed Black and White Poster by Todd McPhetridge

Heirloom quality poster printed on thick, durable matte paper and mounted in a black frame. • Printed in the U.S.A.
• Archival, Acid-free Paper
• Matte Black Frame
This fine print would look good on any wall and any decor. Its simple universal simplicity in design and depth in mood would fit in a simple farmhouse or a million dollar condo. The split rail fence along a country road was built by the farmers with muscle and sweat. The lone dormant tree in the foreground brings the eyes to a focus, drawing one to the tree, in a snow covered field which then points to the distant mountains. Its depiction of nature and the work of the tenders of the fields, resting for now, will spring to life once warmer times return.

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