Rusted Mule

$ 275.00

Rusted Mule by Todd McPhetridge

Tractor Artwork for Sale

Have you ever felt like the modern world was missing a very important piece? Something powerful, yet almost mysterious, a master of the land? In this beautiful tractor art by Todd McPhetridge, entitled Rusted Mule, the raw power of the tractor emanates from the frame, leaping out at the viewer. The juxtaposition of the tractor and the forest make it seem like the puny trees cower before the might of the tractor, and the crushed ground beneath it shows its path. Though it appears to be rusted and worn, there's still fight left in this majestic machine, and it's as plain as day to see when it's on your wall.

The "Rusted Mule" is a rustic image of a large piece of farm equipment that has been abandoned after many years of loyal service. This photograph gives us a look at years past in a farm and is reminiscent of hard work that is now a distant memory. However, the image still invokes a feeling a strength, pride and thankfulness for the years of service. The old farming machinery's rusting metallic parts create a vintage mood accentuated by the black and white photography. The forest setting reminds us that no matter how hard we work, nature is close by waiting to reclaim the territory.

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