Picket Path

$ 90.00

Picket Path by Todd McPhetridge

They say that in the country all roads lead home. Maybe it is because in the country everyone treats everyone else as family. Or, maybe, all roads do lead home! In "Picket Path" the rustic barb wire fence on either side of the fence not only keeps animals inside the pasture, it seems to protect the road and help it on its way as it continues to its end. The road looks to have been recently traveled. I wonder if it was someone coming to visit the people who live at the end of the road. Or maybe the oldest child coming home from college for the first time. Oh, if the fence could talk, I bet it has a lot of tales to share! Year after year the fence and the road remain in place. The fence has been repaired and the road has been graded as needed. But, they always remain in place, leading someone in the country home again.

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