Off The Beaten Path

$ 375.00

Off The Beaten Path by Todd McPhetridge

Black and White Landscape Wall Art Prints for Sale

A beauty emanates from the heart of America that is so simple, rustic and raw that only a rugged landscape photographer could translate it. Todd offers prints of his romantic and captivating images so that anyone can install the majesty of the outdoors in their own home. Todd's landscape photographs perfectly grasp the delicacy of a floating fowl, the history and honest labor of an antique tractor, or the promise of a prairie sky with notes of a beloved and dusty nostalgia throughout. His black and white landscape wall art prints are triumphs of the medium, pieces of art that one could happily ponder for years. He captures landscapes so vibrantly that one can almost smell the foliage and feel the air as though they were descending from the wall.

Exploration was once reserved for the rich, dealing in spice trades or sanctioned by royalty to explore new lands. Now, exploration is accessible to all through the dissemination of knowledge and expanded access to travel, however time tends to be the limiting factor. Bring some exploration into your home, which takes no time at all, and savor the joys of foraging new paths that are 'Off the Beaten Path.' This path can take you further down a road you love or in a totally new direction when you need a break from the world. This rustic art adds an element of curiosity and exploration to any space, with a peaceful basis of black and white colors.

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