Follow the Leader – Canadian Geese Artwork

Goose Artwork for Sale

Follow the Leader by Todd McPhetridge

Canadian Geese Art for Sale

People escape to nature to relax and vacation for a reason. Enjoy the ambiance of Mother Nature and let her soothe your soul with this Canadian geese art print. Wild geese coming in for a landing along the river bank will invoke emotions that concrete parking lots and cityscapes just can’t compete with, even for those that love city life. 

Coming in Low – Canadian Geese Art

Canadian Geese Art Prints

Coming in Low by Todd McPhetridge

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Peaceful, relaxing, a quick trip to a quiet place. Are these things that you would like to envision? Todd captures the essence of these things in his nature photos and they can hang on your wall creating a serene get-a-way when you walk into a room. Imagine where this water ends, can it lead to a waterfall? Could it possibly take you to a secluded cabin where you can steal a romantic night with a loved one? These canadian geese can lead you there.

They Went This Way – Unique Nature Wall Artwork

Nature Art for Sale

They Went This Way by Todd McPhetridge

Unique Nature Wall Artwork for Sale

Have a rough day? You can create a relaxing moment with this unique nature wall artwork.  Nature artist Todd McPhetridge will enlighten your walls and soothe your mind with contemporary landscape photos. Todd captures moments of natural serenity and places them front and center in your heart and mind.