King of the Hill – Contemporary Landscape Wall Artwork

Contemporary Landscape Wall Artwork

King of the Hill by Todd McPhetridge

Sepia Tone Contemporary Landscape Artwork

As the pace of modern city living grows, the solitude of nature calls. The countryside calms, relaxes, and brings inner peace. Todd creates contemporary landscape wall artwork that invokes the urge to pause, reflect, and breathe in moments of stress.

Mighty – Modern Landscape Artwork

Modern landscape Artwork

Mighty by Todd McPhetridge

Modern Landscape Artwork for Sale

Sometimes we need an escape from our own droll lives, and this modern landscape artwork by Todd McPhetridge helps us do so.  Todd’s enchanting landscape pictures of rustic countryside vistas invoke a desire to slip on your shoes and take a stroll outside, smelling the fresh air and hearing the lovely birds. 

Mighty – Contemporary Landscape Artwork

Contemporary Tree Artwork

Mighty by Todd McPhetridge

Contemporary Landscape Artwork for Sale

Todd’s evocative imagery of rural and pastoral settings provide a forceful and nostalgic look at contemporary landscape artwork. His tree photography uses the dramatic limbs of an archaic mighty oak tree in conjunction with the brilliant mountain landscape and pasture to capture precisely people long for in the countryside.

King of the Hill – Landscape Artists

Landscape Artwork

King of the Hill by Todd McPhetridge

Landscape Artwork for Sale

No room is complete if the walls are blank and bland.  Each room needs a mood to wrap up the decoration and Todd’s camera shows the versatility of our natural world and rustic scenery.  Whether a room needs uplifting colors, nostalgic images or peaceful scenes Todd’s portfolio has something to help you put the finishing touches on a work or living space that was missing something intangible.