A Better Highway – Road Artwork For Sale

Road Artwork
A Better Highway” by Todd McPhetridge

Road Artwork

Color and light play off this country road artwork as it winds through a dense forest in Todd McPhetridge’s “A Better Highway”. This image captures the simplicity and beauty of a simple country road with expert detail and craft. The brilliant green of the leaves and moss than grows on the trees stand out in stark contrast to the browns and greys of the dirt, dead leaves and tree bark. The light plays off the leaves beautiful, skillfully emphasizing that contrast.

Roaring Fork Rd Truck

Free Art from Todd McPhetridge

Free Art - Roaring Fork Rd Truck by Todd McPhetridge

I’m doing something that I’ve never done before…giving away free downloadable art. Christmas is just a few short weeks away and I wanted to give back to all the wonderful people I’ve met online and in real life….AND… It’s 12/12/2012 and I’ll never see this date again in my life, so enjoy this wonderful day and freebie! Feel free to download it and print it out for your own personal use. Just don’t use it for commercial use.

With all of the changes and personal challenges I’ve overcome this year, I wanted to show my appreciation and love for the life that I have. Times are tough all around the world and what better way to help ease your troubles than free downloadable art. If you like this and would like to see more free art, then hit the like button on Facebook or RT on Twitter…heck while you’re at it you might as well call up a few old friends and your family and tell them about it too! 🙂

Three of a Kind – Rustic Country Art

Rustic Country Art

Three of a Kind by Todd McPhetridge

Rustic Artwork for Sale

If you are someone that loves beautiful rustic country art, Todd offers an amazing selection of contemporary rustic photographs that look great in any home, office or cabin. These black and white images capture the true feel of rural America.

Off the Beaten Path – Landscape Photos

Landscape Fine Art Photos

Off the Beaten Path by Todd McPhetridge

Landscape Photos for Sale

If you love nature photography as well as landscape photos then you will love this! These beautiful landscape photos are evocative of rich, country air and wide open spaces. The beautiful panoramic shots will remind you of the freedom of the country and the awesome beauty of the planet. They are the perfect way to bring a little of the outside indoors.

Off the Beaten Path – Unique Landscape Wall Art Prints

Landscape Fine Art Photography for Sale

Off the Beaten Path by Todd McPhetridge

Unique Landscape Wall Art Prints

This landscape fine art captures the true essence of country living at it’s best. Beautiful landscapes and dirt paths are just a few of the scenes created by fine art landscape photographer Todd McPhetridge. His sepia tone unique landscape wall art prints remind you of days long gone, simple times when life was easier.

Off the Beaten Path – Black and White Landscape Wall Art Prints

Black and White Landscape Wall Art Prints

Off the Beaten Path by Todd McPhetridge

Black and White Landscape Wall Art Prints for Sale

A beauty emanates from the heart of America that is so simple, rustic and raw that only a rugged landscape photographer could translate it. Todd offers prints of his romantic and captivating images so that anyone can install the majesty of the outdoors in their own home.