Time to Relax – Barn Art

Barn Art Prints

Time to Relax by Todd McPhetridge

Barn Artwork for Sale

Farm pictures and Cows Barn Art are easily available but Todd McPhetridge has a piece that would be great in any farm lovers collection with Time To Relax. This piece makes you feel like you are looking out a window at the scene instead of a picture that is hanging on your wall.

Rusted Mule – Tractor Art

Tractor Art

Rusted Mule by Todd McPhetridge

Tractor Artwork for Sale

Have you ever felt like the modern world was missing a very important piece? Something powerful, yet almost mysterious, a master of the land? In this beautiful tractor art by Todd McPhetridge, entitled “Rusted Mule”, the raw power of the tractor emanates from the frame, leaping out at the viewer.

Three of a Kind – Rustic Country Art

Rustic Country Art

Three of a Kind by Todd McPhetridge

Rustic Artwork for Sale

If you are someone that loves beautiful rustic country art, Todd offers an amazing selection of contemporary rustic photographs that look great in any home, office or cabin. These black and white images capture the true feel of rural America.

The Ox – Old Tractor Art Prints

Old Tractor Art Prints

The Ox by Todd McPhetridge

Old Tractor Art Prints for Sale

Since ancient days the Ox gave the farmer the raw pulling power for an astounding number of agricultural tasks from plowing to pulling stumps to powering all manner of agricultural equipment.This photo portrays the modern equivalent of the Ox, the farmer’s tractor.

Stubby – Country Photography

Tractor Photography Art Prints for Sale

Stubby by Todd McPhetridge

Tractor Photography Art Prints for Sale

Does your heart yearn for the countryside? Do winding roads and cloud filled skies bring joy to your soul? Todd’s Unique Country Photography will bring the beauty of the great outdoors right into your home where you can enjoy it every day.

Strong and Steady – Country Art Prints

Country Art Prints

Strong and Steady by Todd McPhetridge

Country Art Prints for Sale

No matter your history in buying country art, this series of tractor art and representations of a simpler time is sure to evoke longing and freedom in the viewer. This new series from Todd, a well-known photographer of high quality repute manages to capture the serenity and peace found in the rural life.

The Foundation – Antique Tractor Art Prints

Antique Tractor Art Prints for Sale

The Foundation by Todd McPhetridge

Antique Tractor Art Prints for Sale

Equally at home in both contemporary and traditional homes, the vibrant realism captured in Todd’s rural photography will be a complimentary addition to your art collection. Ranging from crisp and  vivid color images to the more muted tones of black and white.  Todd’s tractor art prints capture the quiet and natural beauty of the American landscape while infusing it with the power of man’s  ingenuity.  

Rusted Mule – Tractor Art Print

Rusted Mule by Todd McPhetridge Tractor Art Print for Sale What do you do if you want to see the beauty of the clear fresh outdoors but you don't want to suffer that long trip away from the comfort of suburbia? Todd adds another wonderful answer to...

Unyielding – Tractor Art

Unyielding by Todd McPhetridge Tractor Art for Sale Even though living in the city is a dream come true, home is where the heart is. Todd produces breathtaking scenery of country living that makes even the biggest city dweller ache for a back country road. His tractor...

Big Red – Tractor Prints

Tractor Art

Big Red by Todd McPhetridge

Tractor Prints for Sale

Every moment is only here for a little while, and we can’t always be there to appreciate all of it. If sight is our keenest and most dominant sense, then the need for precious reminders of life and of love are best when rendered onto a canvas or through the lens of a camera. From the rustic hills to the tranquil plains, great men and women as well as nature herself have set great things into motion, and who better to capture those vivid memories than Todd?