Turning a Corner – Black And White Country Road Artwork

Black and White Country Road Artwork

Turning a Corner” by Todd McPhetridge

Country Road Artwork

Whether you are an indoor person or outdoor person, this country road artwork will make you feel alive in the woods. This country road art print, by Todd McPhetridge, will take you on a narrow trail through the woods. You can feel the breeze from the wind while staring into this beautiful scene.

Transcendent – Branches Artwork for Sale

Branches Artwork

Transcendent” by Todd McPhetridge

Tree Branches Art

A simple leafless tree becomes “Transcendent” in this beautiful image taken by Todd McPhetridge. The stark, leafless nature of the tree is beautiful and is quite a contrast to the evergreen trees down below and the beautiful colors caused by the setting sun in the sky behind the tree. McPhetridge understands how to use color and light to take a breathtaking image that will enrapture the viewer and keep them enthralled. Order your tree art print today!

A Better Highway – Road Artwork For Sale

Road Artwork
A Better Highway” by Todd McPhetridge

Road Artwork

Color and light play off this country road artwork as it winds through a dense forest in Todd McPhetridge’s “A Better Highway”. This image captures the simplicity and beauty of a simple country road with expert detail and craft. The brilliant green of the leaves and moss than grows on the trees stand out in stark contrast to the browns and greys of the dirt, dead leaves and tree bark. The light plays off the leaves beautiful, skillfully emphasizing that contrast.

Trio – Tulips Flower Artwork

Tulip Artwork

Trio” by Todd McPhetridge

Tulips Flower Artwork

Another piece that plays with vibrant colors and contrast, Todd McPhetridge offers the viewer a fun way to introduce art into the home or workplace.

Yes Dear – Contemporary Tulip Art

Modern Tulip Art

Yes Dear” by Todd McPhetridge

Tulip Art Print

Simple, sensual, and stunning, this piece is immediate and thoughtful all at once. I love tulips, the soft elegant lines of this flower speaks right to my soul. I use to drive to Atlanta every Spring just so I could take pictures of these beautiful flowers in front of the apartment complexes. They would literally have hundreds of tulips in all colors, shapes and sizes out there. I spent hours each Saturday morning by myself, dodging cars and enjoying the beauty that God brought to the cityscape.

Two Agreed – Unique Sunflower Art Prints

Sunflower Art Print

Two Agreed” by Todd McPhetridge

Sunflower Fine Art Print

I’ve always loved sunflowers and how the stand at attention for all the world to see. I created the sunflower art called “Two Agreed” to brighten any space. This painterly sunflower art print is the perfect gift for a couple in love. You see a lot of sunflower fields here in Georgia, but these were bought in Atlanta. I spent the whole weekend taking pictures of these beautiful sunflowers and then created a digital painting from the images. Who doesn’t recall driving by those lovely Summer fields of flowers? They span acres and acres and bring you a sense of hope and joy. We all could use that kind of feeling in our every day life. I hope that you love them as much as I do!

Turning a Corner – Country Road Fine Art Photography


Turning a Corner by Todd McPhetridge

Country Road Art Print

A long winding road is a perfect metaphor for the path we take in life. “Turning a Corner” suggest that there is change in the road to come ahead, and that we cannot always see that change until we come up upon it.

Pink Tulips Art Print

Together We Stand – Tulips Flower Art Prints

"Together We Stand" by Todd McPhetridge   Tulips Flower Art Print Wrapped in the warm fabric of love, this bouquet of flowers is ready to conquer anything life throws at it. "Together We Stand" by Todd McPhetridge displays the importance of family unison. Save Save...

Timeless – Modern Rustic Road Artwork

Rustic Road Art with Fence Posts

Timeless by Todd McPhetridge

Country Road Art Print

A simple country fence in a field of green is truly “Timeless” and Todd McPhetridge does an excellent job of capturing that timelessness in this image. This simple image shows off McPhetridge’s expert use of color and it brings back memories from a much simpler time and place. This image is both breathtakingly brilliant and inherently simplistic in its nature and shows off the richness that is the countryside.

A Beautiful Time – Roses Artwork

Beautiful Roses Artwork for Sale

Roses Artwork

A Beautiful Time” by Todd McPhetridge

I love the painterly feel of this bouquet of beautiful red roses. It was a hot Summer day in Georgia and we decided to drive to Atlanta and buy fresh cut flowers. We brought them home and spent the next few days creating flower art of roses, sunflowers, calla lilies, daisies and tulips. I exhausted every scenario I could think of to come up with the floral series that you see on my website here. This beautiful red roses artwork is for sale and is a carefully placed reminder of love.